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The Soul Sage

It is often said that words are our most valuable asset. Words can lift our spirits, bring tears to our eyes, allow us to fall in love and  can even crush us like a rock that fell from above. We live our world by the words of others as if they were gifts of gold given to us from our nearest star. If words are nothing more than a spoken language, then why are they capable of changing our lives in the instance they resonate from our mouths? In the life of a Soul Sage, my greatest gift to the world is the resonance of vibrational sound.

It is my job, as a Soul Sage, to be the observer of the vibrational word. For one of strongest strengths in my life is to resonate with the many frequencies of sound. What is a Soul Sage you ask? We are a small group of  ancient spiritual souls gifted with the power to use the vibration of word, or sound, to change the lives of others. It is a strong vibration behind each spoken word. We can manipulate the emotions of others just by speaking. Our voice is powerful. Of course, a Soul Sages never use their gift of being a Sage to control or manipulate others in a harmful or selfish way.  No, Soul Sages are usually elder and ancient souls passing on wisdom to the world for the betterment of humanity. We are the writers, the spiritual teachers and the muses of the world. Our lives are usually attracted to those spirits that need guidance, direction or often a beam of light in a dark moment. Soul Sages are meant to raise the vibrational energy field of people, the world and all the problems we face.

On occasion, people tend assume that all people of whom that have a gift for speaking well, such as those on tv, movies and writers, are all Sou Sages. This is not to be presumed! The gift of being a Sage is a little different than Soul Sages.  Any living soul can incarnate as a Sage. A Sage is a younger soul that wishes to express themselves through word, art, writing, music and so on. True they are muses as well, but Sages usually express vibration through personal self. This can be done in making beautiful art, writing a romance or a fictional novel or writing a beautiful song. It can also be done in greed by using their power of word to manipulate the minds of other souls to take from. There are many Sages who are politicians, government officials, crooks and murderers. The young Sage usually has little knowledge of the power of vibrational word and sound. For the benevolent young Sage, they feel and create beauty through works of art, music and other moving self expressions. Unfortunately because the benevolent young Sage has little knowledge of self, their lives are sometimes chaotic and filled with emotional downfalls. They ride a life of an emotional roller coaster, which usually give them their inspiration to fulfill being a Sage. Once in a while, young Sages will get caught up in ego and greed and fall from a place of inspiration. These Sages will often be those who started speaking from light and moved into the low density of our world. These are the people who act as healers, teachers and mentors who have let money, fame and glory change them into a selfish being. Eventually, they cross into the malevolent Sage. As far as the Malevolent Sage, well we already see daily the damage they can do! They shadow our world with powerful lies, filling us with fear, anger and hate. They create vibration that stagnates and suffocates the soul. They have the ability to make us feel warm and fuzzy and fill us with trust while they manipulate the mind to feed the egos hunger.

A Soul Sages job is a tough one! Many times our words will fall upon deaf ears. Our writings will become a stacked pile of paper collecting dust. Our teachings may even reach a soul for a moment, at least until the stagnate drama of the world creeps back into their lives. Many who struggle with their life will often reject the truth of the Soul Sage. They will instantly push of teaching or knowledge as rubbish and often blast out as us. This is why our gift is so unique. We have the vibrational strength to keep the message of light strong within us! We understand on a soul level that most of what we do will be unnoticed by the conscious mind and ego. Our work is the work of spiritual farmers. We plant the seeds of inspiration and light in every soul we meet, knowing that one day, or at a different life time, that seed will blossom into great knowledge for spiritual growth. This is where we thrive! This is were we shine!

My life’s work is aided by the experience of my souls evolution. Guiding, helping and sharing the knowledge that has taken me tens of thousands of lifetimes to achieve. It is not my job to convince you of who I am or the knowledge I have to share. It is only my job to help those older souls reach out a little further. Truth doesn’t lie. Soul Sages speak truth that resonate a vibration with peoples souls. A Soul Sages word is powerful because it is truth and always speaks from truth. A malevolent Sage has no power regardless of the outward appearance. They only understand manipulation and prey on the needs of those of whom need to feel loved and accepted.

We, as people, must always because careful of the tone and the vibration that we use when dealing with others. Even the people who are not sages of any kind still wheeled the power in words. We are powerful light beings of which are unaware of the capabilities we truly possess. We natural give our birth powers over to the thought of a God/Goddess or a universal being. We are taught to be so humble that it cripples the soul into never moving forward out of fear that we might be punished. Society teaches us to pray for things that we wish to see changed within the dark moments of our lives. We hear many times throughout our lives, The power of prayer. What most fail to understand is the power of self word, the power of self being. Prayer does work, but not because of some higher being. Prayer works because we create the very magick through the power of our words. In those moments we use the power of the Sage. Sadly most of us only use this power for material items or in times of crisis. This is way Soul Sages are sent here, a constant reminder for us to wheeled the power word.

In human nature we are always seeking to be someone, to be special, to be a little different than the rest.  Social status, money, cars, job titles, how we appear to others, are just a few ways we try to gain ground above our peers. Some, will read articles, like this one, books, watch a documentary and identify with the authors words, and in doing so, they create a false identity.  Words that touch our insecurities, especially when false to who we are, always creates more confusion within. Sure it might temporarily make us feel special, but eventually this always fades. In our daily search for who we are, we grasp onto the little words or titles that are going to allow us to gain respect from our peers. Titles, nor status, does not make us who we are! Older and ancient souls understand this and have far too little need for such rubbish. Sure we may still struggle with ourselves from time to time, we’re human, but we realize that our efforts in vibrations that raise and lift are our focus.

I do not consider myself special because of my titles of Spirit Guide or Soul Sage. No not even close!  To be honest, only you, my blog readers, have knowledge of these titles.  The everyday world only knows me as Miss Raina. Title make me uncomfortable and I don’t see a need for them. However, I wanted my blogs to be the truth of who I am down to the deepest detail.  I don’t believe in hiding things, as do all Soul Sages. Our teachings come from our life, raw and exposed for all the world to grow and understand. We understand that no one is better than another. We understand the power of word, sound, intent… and above all we understand who we are, we are the Soul Sages….

In Love and Light,

~Miss Raina~

® The Life of Raina 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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