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Ever wonder how Intuition works on an energetic level?

                                   Does your Intuition only work part-time?

Do you wish that your Intuition worked in your favor?

                              Intuition is a feeling given to the human experience to enhance our lives and enables us to stay connected to our life’s path. It allows us to communicate with our consciousness and our spiritual guides through the choice of feeling & thought throughout the body. Intuition gives us great sight into making choices that will guide us down different points of our life.

Yet it is greatly ignored by people because society has created an idea of falsehoods that the conscious mind is in control! We believe that what we see and perceive is reality and by ignoring our intuition throughout our lives, we generate and create conflict and disharmony.

I can remember back as early in my childhood, growing up in the south side of Chicago, that my intuitive side was very strong. My psychic medium abilities began when I was just two years of age when I saw my first and main Spirit Master Guide Loyrie.

Each night, after being tucked into my bed by my parents, I would feel Loryie come into my room and sit on the edge of my bed just seconds after I would close my eyes. I would open my eyes and she would be sitting on the corner while staring at me with a smile. She was a very beautiful lady, which is probably why I never felt threatened. Glowing in semi-transparent white light, Loyrie had beautiful wavy brown hair. She had a long thin face and a smile that was always comforting to me. I felt like I could trust her immediately as I always felt at peace when she was around. For that entire year, she sat with me on my bed while I rested each night.

                                      When I was a little over the age of three, I started to have “feelings” within my body when I was around other kids at school and anyone I came in close range with.

It first started with a feeling of being dirty, almost as being covered in mud, when I was around people that weren’t so nice. It was a yucky feeling. A feeling that I wanted to scrub off me the moment it engrossed my body.

Kind people always made me feel hopeful towards them. I felt attracted to them and drawn to the energy that was in truth with myself. For the most part, whether I was around nice or not-so-nice people, it was and still is very hard for me to be around people!

However, the other children were not as hard to be around as being around the adults, maybe it was because they hadn’t been polluted by the ideals of society’s norms yet. Strangely, even though the other kids were easier to be around, it was the adults that I was most attracted to.

           Feelings became too much for me and I could no longer control.

It lead to violent outbursts, uncontrolled behavior, and a very emotionally sensitive young child! Able to see and feel a world that I could not see with my eyes or touch with my fingers, I became afraid of everything

Luitheanna, my Master Guide of Psychic, Mediumship & Intuition development, popped into my life, along with 5 other Master Guides. She started teaching me what it meant to be an intuitive and psychic medium.

                   Being Intuitive is so very different then the ability to be psychic…

Many people confuse the two as if they are one and the same. I know that all people, as well as all living things, have intuition within themselves. As I said above, intuition is a “feeling” within the bodyIf one learns to develop and master this sense, your life will go more smoothly and without much chaos. I was taught at a very young age to always believe in what I feel for my senses never lied to me even if someone was standing to my face lying.

                     Intuition is an exchange of energy within our auric fields.

When we come in contact with certain situations or other people, our energy attracts and bonds with or repels that energy which it encounters. I’m really not sure if people are aware of how much energy is bouncing around this universe. There are literally millions of energy molecules traveling around and through you daily!

        There’s the key…..

to recognize the energy, aka intuition, that passes through you and around you and learn to use it to your benefit. That is why I stress that you must know yourself and your energy before you can ever learn to develop and rely on your intuition!

Most people understand intuition as a “gut feeling”, however it is much more than that.

                         The heart energy is also very intuitive.

This is why many spiritual people throughout time have made the statement “trust what your heart tells you”.

The whole body works in unison with the energy it receives and translates it as intuition. So when you have a “happy” feeling, the energy that you have come in contact with is in harmony with your truth and the outcome will be more probable.  An “unease” feeling in your body translates the energy as not being well within your truth and the outcome would not be probable.

We might also come to the understanding that our intuitive side allows us to manipulate the desired outcome before it happens.

I often “feel” a situation out before it happens. Whether my psychic side is aware of it or not, my body is already in tune with the essence of that which I’m about to come into contact with.

Since the holidays are around right now, I know many of us are dreading visits from our family members! It’s not our past that makes us uneasy with knowing that our family is coming to visit, it is our intuition that is warning us that certain family members are not in harmony with us.

When we agree on a date arrangement with another, we create a bond…

That bond allows us to “feel” out the situation and the people before it has happened, which is why you get that “uneasy” feeling within your gut or chest. Your body has read the energy, translated it to your body, and realized that it does not bond or fit with your truths.

                             Many of my students ask me how we can change the desired outcome of an uneasy feeling of our intuition…

You change it by acknowledging what it is that you are feeling and why and then you create a compromised ideal that both parties are in co-harmony without taking away from others!

What if it’s not with our family or friends?   What if it’s with the public, public places or a job, etc.??

That’s simple as well! You remove yourself from the places and/or people that do not work with your truth. You then choose to create energy boundaries around you and leave situations that make you feel icky and un-eased. That’s the brilliant part of intuition in alignment with choice! It is within our capability to “feel” a situation out before or while it is happening and choose to change it to our liking depending on our own truths.

In Mission and Purpose,

Miss Raina

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