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The Art of a Master… Part II

The Art of a Master… Part II

Master is just a Title

In later years, I joined up as a volunteer with Hospice. Cancer is one of the densest, low-level, low vibrational forms of energy the human body sees. And that’s all cancer is, stale and stagnant energy! Nothing more, nothing less. The body’s energy needs to flow and move freely to nourish the body with nutrients and the vital essences to life.  Often, we try to look too deep into diseases and illness looking past the obvious and simplest of answers. This is where healers and doctors often make the most mistakes. Why do we look so hard for answers that are right in front of us? Simply, it is because we are trying to understand what it is we are faced with.

Although this blog, like the first one, is titled The Art of a Master…, I have a disliking for the word master. The word Master often implies the perfection of art without flaw. In the arts of healing, the word master would be incomplete. People, energy, and life change constantly, often how the waters flow through the earth’s rock reshaping its structure. One must be willing to change and adapt not only to each person but to their own flow of Qi that changes as they grow. It would be naive of me to say that I have completely mastered every form of energy out there, and how could I? As I grow and mature, so do the strength and the vibrations of energy channeled. As I face new clients, whether it be cancers, diabetes, depression, or whatever sits in front of me, I must truly understand the person as a whole and learn their own energy as if it were my own.

We are often taught in the spiritual community that if we just lay our hands over a body and send the energy into the person that the energy will know exactly what to do. This is true to a small point. Energy does have some natural direction, so by chance, it will partly go where it needs to go. This is why most healers will see small progress and that is it. By having this limited idea, you have taken away your energetic power of being a healer. And as long as you believe that you have no power in healing then you will never achieve more than what you are capable of now. This is why you must learn to break away from those that limit your mind and energy and understand that you have the ability to control and manipulate the energy you channel!

Being a master is not about achieving perfection in the arts that you seek. It is having the understanding to move past the limitations of that which hinders you from gathering the knowledge you wish to achieve. That very statement changes the perspective of what we believe healing to be all about! It’s not about taking a few classes and having someone print us out a few certificates with the word master on them. It is about spending years of your life understanding, growing, and changing with that energy you seek.  This truly separates successful healers from those that pretend to be one.

Working beyond the typical relaxation point of the healing aspect takes the knowledge of recognizing when the energy shifts and being able to feel the vibrational levels within a person. But, in order to do this, you must understand your own! How many of us really do understand our own energy? Not many at all! Right there, that very thought, allows you to understand why you are still searching for the next phase of your healing path. It is often funny to me, when I hold healing classes and events, how many people tell me that they know themselves. When I start my classes, I go right into testing my students how much they know them and what they are about. Within minutes they quickly learn how much they fell into the basic human nature of thinking that they know more about themselves than they actually do. It often brings tears to their eyes and sometimes it brings about a defeatist attitude. My response to them is not to be defeated by their own illusion, but to be open to understanding the limitations brought on by our mind and our society.

A successful healer doesn’t shy away from a challenge nor do they allow Ego to control their thoughts and actions. A successful healer spends years understanding plant energy from human energy, the energy of the sun from the moon and the planets, and so on. They understand when the optimum times to harness the energy and when to rest. Healers understand when to say no to a person when someone is asking to go beyond the blueprints of life.

During my many years working on clients with cancers and other illnesses, you find those that pressure you into bending the spiritual laws of life just for a few more days, months, or years of life. When you know that those you work with will not live much longer, but yet they are relying on you to Fix them, you must make the decision of who you truly want to be. Being a healer is a lot like living your life for you, it’s never popular, and yes people will become upset with you, but it is that very understanding of the universal law of never overstepping your boundaries for their own comfort.

What does being a master of the healing arts mean to you? Are you seeking to fit into a certain society? Or maybe you’re looking to feel Special amongst your peers. Many times we turn to want to be a healer because we, ourselves, need to be healed in many aspects of our own lives. We often search for meaning in our lives by becoming something different. It is in our nature to want to be different, a superstar or someone special. It is in our nature to want to be better than everyone else in our field and call ourselves a master. When we act upon those impulses of desire and competition among others ensues, we step into a very dangerous realm of Ego. Healing for the betterment of the person becomes out the window and our selfish desire sparks a relentless onslaught of unwarranted healing into the world. Sure it seems harmless at the moment, but as we often hear, our vibration sends an energy ripple into the world and we often never see the effects of it.

I knew a person who fell into this trap. They had a good heart and wanted to help others, but their desire for wanting to be something special in this world overpowered their better judgment. Time after time this person would go up to others and without a warranted suggestion, would allow their ego to get personal with people in public places and do healing on them. Now, this may seem harmless to some, but let me tell you this, it is a definite no-no in the healing world. This person even came up to me and told me that they knew that I needed healing and immediately placed their hands on me. I moved away from the healing and asked them why they would just come up to someone and do that. The response was “because I saw a black spot in your left breast and it might be something serious.” In other words, they made the statement that I had breast cancer. This surely wasn’t the case at all.  Now we understand how easy it becomes for a person to lose the genuine aspect of what we want to do. Just for the need to feel like they were special, they could have completely made me upset and worried about having breast cancer. Luckily, I know my body and its energy. If I didn’t it would have really ruined my day.

Helping others handle their illness, is a difficult one. Since illness is always different in every person, we must realize that the way we move and manipulate energy in one body may and probably will be a completely different way in another. If you line up 50 different people with the same illness, there are 50 different ways it must be approached. The more serious the illness or disease, the more difficult it will be to move the energy. In my many years of this, I have noticed that most people with serious illness never truly want to get better. Sure no one wants to die, but wanting to live is much different than wanting to get healthy. If they truly cared about their health, then they would have made the necessary lifestyle changes that they needed to during their life before they got to this point. It’s the way of looking the other way until life makes us face that of which we do not want to see. And you, the healer, are the reality check the people don’t want to face. Many will go to a doctor that gives them pills quickly because those doctors do not force them to face their reality. A successful healer does. And often in my experience, many will run from the sight of you.

We really do need to change our perception of what we think of the healing arts and what we choose to label ourselves. If we label ourselves as a Master then we set the limitation of personal growth. We allow ego to dictate to us that we know everything that we need to know about healing. With every new generation and evolution of life, the energies that we once knew fade with the past, and new forms now guide our world. The old ways of healing from those great healers of the past gave us a great foundation to guide us into the future. We must now learn to take what we have learned from them and flourish into new stronger healers. As long as you limit your ideas do only which that you read and are held back by your fears of doubt, the success of helping and healing will always elude you. If you are always willing to change your perception, your beliefs, and your ideas and grow as time does, then you will truly have the art of a master.

In Mission and Purpose,

Miss Raina

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