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The Art of a Master

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My childhood was far from being that of any other kid. Of course, to most people, my childhood was just like any other. It was the summer of ’85 and it was a bright sunny Sunday in the city of Chicago. For some odd reason, I came down with an extremely sore throat. It started off as a typical sore throat, but as the week progressed, it got worse and worse. I was a tough girl, so I never complained about physical pains. I just always dealt with them. By the end of the week, the sore throat because so painful it was hard for me to swallow. My mom wanted us to go to church for mass. Like any child, I didn’t want to go to church. We went all the time and I was just tired of it. We ended up at church that Sunday and it happened to be the blessing of the candle day. I saw this man with medium-length brown hair and what appeared to be a very old brown leather warrior suit on. It puzzled me for a bit, but I figured I was just seeing a person of the past again. The service went on and towards the end, everyone had candles to bring up to the priest to bless. The entire time at church, all I could think about is how bad my throat hurt. Yet still, I choose not to tell my parents. As I walked up to the priest so he could bless my candle, I suddenly noticed that man appearing again behind the priest… I stared at him and while we locked eyes, I noticed he put his hand on the priest’s shoulder when he blessed my candles. After the priest finished the blessing, the man disappeared! We left the church and went home. When I got home, I felt an energy of a person walk up behind me. Just then I heard a man’s voice say “hold the candles to your throat!”. I thought “what??”.. and again I heard “hold the candles to your throat”. So I held the candles at my neck and I felt a small energy jolt come from the candles. I ended up swallowing out of normal body function and to my surprise, my throat didn’t hurt anymore! I swallowed again and it was pain-free! I was in shock! My throat hurt me so much that I couldn’t even swallow anymore and within a second it was completely healed! As I sat in amazement, I heard his voice say “you have this gift, use it well”. I felt what I now call an energy hug and then he pulled his energy away. I was filled with many different emotions at that time. I don’t remember if I ever said anything to my parents or not, but knowing me, I probably didn’t. This was my first encounter with the gift of healing. The experience & gifted I gained that day was immeasurable!

Months went by before I saw that man again! I had so many questions for him. My emotions were like a roller coaster. I was scared, confused, excited, amazed and I found myself even questioning my current form of faith even more than I already did. In the Catholic/Christian religion, we were taught that only God can heal and that we were at the mercy of his will. So if that was true, then how could this be?? How could someone that wasn’t God (or Goddess) heal me?? It was obvious that I couldn’t ask the nuns at my school about this. They already called me the devil child! lol… I had no clue what to do, but I knew I wanted to heal! I felt like I had just found the key to a treasure chest!

One day I was riding my bike around the block, trying to be extreme by doing jumps and I crashed the bike… I hurt myself and banged up my body pretty bad and had several cuts all over my body. I’m sure it wasn’t a big deal, but when your 7, everything is a big deal! lol. I was crying, my knees, wrists, and elbows were all covered in blood. At that moment, I felt an energy walk up to me. When I looked upward, that man was there again! I was relieved & excited to see him again! Without speaking a word to me, he instructed me to lay my hands upon my injuries. He showed me, in my head, to picture a big white flower above my head opening up as if it was blossoming. As I saw this in my head, I saw this immense shimmering white light coming down and entering the flower. As the light hit the flower, an explosion of energy shot outwards as if a nuclear bomb went off. The light then shot down into my body and filled my body. I could feel the greatness and the power of this light. I remember this event so clearly. It was such an amazing feeling. I was at peace and stopped crying. While I was laying hands on my injuries, I could feel the surging power of the light. My body was vibrating as if I had a small massager pressed against me. My hands, along with my body temperature, increased in warmth. I could feel my pain dissipating as each second passed. Finally, the energy shut off, my body grew cold and my body had no longer hurt! I looked at this man with a big grin. I heard in my head “Mak Raunna” and felt a pull towards him. I knew without a single word spoken that he just told me his name. With a single picture shown to me within my head, he told me his whole purpose and why he came to me. Mak Ruanna is 1 of 7 Master Guides that will teach me about the art of healing.

It’s pretty amazing how the other side communicates with us over here. They talk in mostly pictures and very short few-word sentences. One picture can explain a whole story of a subject and it could have years of information in it. For example, they can show me a picture of a house. From that one picture, I can know everyone who lived there, how many years they did, what’s going to happen to the house, and what the people did there. And It happens so fast too! Symbolism is big with guides and energies on the other side. The downfall to that is that it leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation! So it has taken me many years to understand the symbolism and still I get things wrong.

After that experience, I wanted to heal everything in sight! So I place my hands on every living thing I could find. I went around to plants, animals, and anyone that got hurt. When it came to plants and animals, I was fine. I could feel the vibrations of each plant and animal. It surprised me that every living thing had its own vibration. I could even feel a plant feel happy after sending it healing energy. A bright white glow or light always surrounded everything I gave energy. I could actually see the life force that it had just received! It also felt as if the plants talked to me like we bonded. I know plants can’t verbally communicate with me, but it was the vibration I felt inside my body from them that I could feel. That vibration communicated with me. It let me know from that point what that specific plant needed. I grew with the plants around the house and felt like we had become friends.

My first tough lesson with healing, I will never forget. We had a dog named Samantha. She was a very lovable cockapoo. Samantha and I were very close. She slept on my bed every night and she was my best friend. In Samantha’s later years she started developing seizures. The vets tried to control them, but as life happens, nothing helped. The seizures got so bad that it was starting to kill the dog slowly. One day, Samantha had an extremely critical seizure that left her barely alive. She was laying on the floor breathing, but you could tell it was just a matter of minutes before she passed. I was so crushed and hurt, I couldn’t believe this was happening. I didn’t want my dog, my best friend to die! So I put my hands on her and pulled down the energy and fed her life. Mak Ruanna showed up with a feeling of concern. He asked me what I was doing. With tears streaming down my face I looked at him and told him “I’m saving her, I don’t want her to die!! please don’t take her away from me!! Please save her!! PLEASE!!” Mak responded by showing me a picture of life. And in that picture, it was the explanation of how I cannot use my power to override someone’s purpose, even if it’s an animal. He showed me that I’m doing this out of EGO and not out of love. I started screaming at him saying “I LOVE MY DOG! I LOVE HER! I WANT TO SAVE HER!! HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!” “Please help me save her, PLEASE!” and again I was shown that picture. I finally asked Mak for just a couple more days with Samantha then. “Just give me a few more days with her, please.. that’s all I ask. ” Mak responded “I cannot, but you can. But you must accept the consequences of your actions.” At that point I didn’t care, I just wanted my dog alive. So I placed my hands on Sam and I focused on having three more days with her. I sat with Sam in the bathroom all night. By morning she was up and moving around again and seemed to have made a great recovery! My family was excited and happy and was amazed that Sam had recovered. I never told them what I did because I didn’t want to upset their belief system. My sister and I played with Sam every chance we got. We got another chance to have our dog again! Three days later my mom picked me up from school. As soon as I shut the door I knew something was wrong. My mom didn’t say a word to me in the car and when I asked her what was wrong she responded with “we’ll talk when we get home”. What every child loves to hear! I opened the door to the house and I knew Samantha had passed! I could feel it. My parents sat me down and told me that Samantha had another bad seizure and they had to put her down. I ran to my room crying my eyes out! My heart broke for the second time! As I laid on my bed, I felt something jump on the edge of my bed and walk up to me. Just then I felt a cool breeze where the motion had stopped. I knew it was Sam. I cried and told her ” I’m the one with the gift, you should be alive! I want you back!” As I was crying, a picture popped in my head again, it was a picture of Sam. This picture explained to me how it was her time to go and that I couldn’t interfere with the laws of life. It was a tough lesson to learn. One that came with a lot of heartache and anger. This gift of healing and I couldn’t help out my dog! And that was the punishment, instead of feeling just sad about losing my dog, now I had to live with the guilt and anger that I could have done something and that I let Sam down. Three times the burden now…

Shortly after that, I was presented with many kids my own age, who always seemed to get themselves hurt or had family domestic issues… I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was my training camp! My friends with domestic issues would come to my house when they were having family problems. They would spend the night and we would sit up and talk throughout the night. I didn’t know how I knew or where I got it from, but I always knew exactly what to say to them and could explain their situation to them as if I lived it. I felt almost as if I was being fed the answers! My friends would always tell me that no matter how much sadness they had, that staying with me always made them feel better and that all their pain would disappear. I never told them, even when we got older, that every time they came over, I was told to hold their hand or put my arms around them and “Numb” them… As I’ve talked about the “Numbing process” in a previous blog, it is a technique that I use to take away a person’s emotional pain so they are able to get through that situation. I also never told them that after they left, I would cry for a day or two and release all their pain. When I was young, I wasn’t able to channel the energy properly, so I always absorbed the emotional or physical pains of whoever it was I was working on. In my early childhood, growing up in a not-so-well-to-do neighborhood, the other kids had many issues already. There were a lot of issues to deal with.

I was taught how to manipulate strands of energy. I was taught how you move them, shape them, remove them, and even change the dynamics of it! Energy is the greatest form and it can be shaped and molded into anything that we desire. It is limited only by our minds and what we perceive we are capable of! It is commanded by thought and voice and It knows not a single boundary and moves effortlessly throughout the universe. Energy can not die or be destroyed, but only be transformed into other forms of energy. And what we perceive as death is just a shape change of energy. The higher the vibration energy has the more capable of possibilities it has to change. Low-level energy becomes very dense and stale and moves very slow. It feels heavy, solid, and is so much harder to change. Mak told me “that is why people who choose to vibrate with a lower level of energy cannot change or see the wonders of life”. It was at that moment when I realized I would never view people the same. What was once seen as people, were now viewed as forms of energy.

During my training phase, which still seems to be going on lol, I became disruptive, moody, spastic, angry and my mental focus was the span of a gnat. I was in constant physical pain because I was always taking on the energy of the people. It made me so confused at times that I didn’t even know what were my emotions or thoughts anymore. You see, when doing any form of energy work, there is always a residue of the person’s energy left over on you. If you do not channel right or clean yourself properly, their issues become yours… their thoughts become yours… their beliefs become yours and even their sickness becomes yours. In my later years of practice, I have worked with women with breast cancer before. IF I were to exchange my energy and not filter it, I would give them my life and I would take theirs, an even exchange. Energy is transferable! It moves! It doesn’t say “oh, this person is a different person, I can’t go to them!”, it goes where ever you command it too! So that is why my childhood was filled with people with physical aches and pains, so I would understand the possibilities of it. My masters always ingrained me with the respect and knowledge of the healing arts. It is to be respected all the time. The moment you don’t respect it, it will destroy your life and reek chaos for you! Healing work can be very taxing on the body. And I will put one falsehood to rest right now… No matter how proper your technique is and how well you do it, healing takes a lot out of you! I get so tired of hearing “oh if you do it right, you can do it all day every day, and not be tired”… That is a lie, people! I have been doing this my whole life and, yes I do thrive off the energy and it can make me go for hours, BUT the human body works differently and needs nutrients and rest… I know that if I do several clients in one day, which I usually do, my technique and channel are on cue, I’m still tired and worn out by the end of the day! So don’t let all these books and stories and people lie to you and have you think one thing when it’s not!

One of the hardest healing tricks I was taught was how to enter someone’s life force, manipulate it, change the direction and its course all without changing the free will or blueprint of one’s life! Many of my friends and acquaintances have asked me to do it for them over the years. Very few I have done it for… Even when they are begging and pleading with me with tears in their eyes. It is the trickiest technique to do. You cannot offset the lessons and create unbalanced energy for one. Remember there is a very fine line between EGO and Love.. and sometimes it is impossible to tell them apart! Most people that believe they are operating out of Love are actually running from EGO & Self… Lifeforce manipulation (as I call it. It’s not what you think) must be done with the utmost respect to one’s life, force, will, and blueprint. So…..

What would you do if you could reach into someone’s inner core and change things? Would you help people or use it to your own advantage? Would you stop people from living their life just for your own comfort? Would you rewrite blueprints and scripts so people didn’t have pain? Would it be out of EGO or love?? Do you think you really understand energy? If so, then why is your life so chaotic?? Reading books is great, but does it make you understand energy?? Do you think differently of energy now??? If someone’s life was put in your hands, would you know what to do???


In Mission and Purpose,

Miss Raina

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