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The Breath of a Soul

The Breath of a Soul

We hand our power over

Are we in touch with who we are? Do we rely too much on external help and hand over our personal power in your life?

Although many people have the belief that they have an understanding of life, It appears that many people fall victim to the conditioning of external helplessness and lose the essence of the human experience.

Sadly, because of this, we have lost touch with many realities and truths of our world and have become spiritually detached from consciousness.  What was once truth and common knowledge to our souls has now become taboo or seemingly non-existent.

We have been trained to believe in falsehoods without questions and we been taught to shun the very things that engage the growth of the soul. As I look around at our world, I see with deep remorse, all of the many people are just going through the motions of life. Walking around in a daze and carrying around much grief, disappointment, and sadness.

As people just accept the a world of misery and unhappiness, the soul is strangled a bit more everyday. Unable to function properly, our inner soul cries out like a child looking for love, nurturing and attention. This has become our way.

Throughout my life, many people journey their path towards me during their time of need and sorrow. It has always been my honor to shine a light in someone’s darkness and to feed a soul the breath of life that they have lost.

Every person is gifted with the ability to create a work of art that will become their very own masterpiece. Each person has the talent and the gift to create whatever it is they need to live in love and inner peace.

You are the artist, the show, and the star of your world. Your soul is meant to dance and flow with to the vibrations of life. Like a ballerina dances gracefully to the sound of music, the existence of your soul must dance to the sound of life.

So what has happened to us?

Why have we become an race that of which turns away from the light?

          Why do we just blindly believe the things people say and what we hear?

AND why have we become so fearful and dependent on outside sources??

For many people, they choose without question, to hand over their personal power and control to others and many false ideas. From birth, we are trained by our parents, family, and society what to think, feel, act and say. Our thoughts and ideas are shaped, molded, and accepted by us in the midst of society’s norms. Those who question the norms of society get punished and shunned, and still, much of the world’s stagnation and chaos comes from ideas created by the ignorance of man.

Ideas are presented to us in books, newspapers, and tv programs, most without proper research, and it is in our condition to accept them as our own. We will then live our lives to that ideal even if it is completely wrong!

Religion is one of the biggest ideals created by the human mind. Since man’s creation of religion, in today’s world, we just blindly accept the so-called “laws of the land”. Many good people accept this idea because they have been told that if they don’t believe in these ideals, they will be sent to a dark place and punished.

We accept these notions out of fear!

This is a backwashed concept and shows the conditional influence of the human mind!

How is the soul allowed to grow when we live in fear and/or hate?

It is impossible for you to be the artist you were meant to be when you have some unknown idea telling you what to create!

Think about your spiritual or religious beliefs. Contemplate them good and hard. Ask yourself why do I believe in this god and religion?”  Where do my beliefs in this really come from?” “Have I just accepted this idea out of fear?”

My focal point of why I’m using religion in this instance is because it is one of the most conditionally accepted beliefs in human existence! Whether it aids a person or cripples them, religion is one of the main reasons why we behave the way we do!

Having an internal struggle inside your head right now?? Well, that would be great!

As you understand what I just stated, for many, your mind will try to rationalize those ideas that were just presented. The ingrained falsehood of the conditioned mind will be at war with the ideas that we are told to accept!

It is difficult to think that many of the beliefs we have, no matter what they are, may not be true at all!

By no means am I shutting down a person’s faith. Everyone has a personal right to choose what feels right to them. I’m hoping to allow and expand your consciousness to think on a much deeper level.  

You can and should apply this to all areas of your life… especially in those areas where your soul struggles the most…  If we shut down another’s ideal before research then it proves my point of the stranglehold that we have accepted in our lives!

In my many years of spiritual counseling, I have been fortunate enough to help many people in need. I have seen many heartbreaking situations & life lessons that people have gone through in their lives. However hard or easy their life lesson tends to be, I often see and help many people with one common factor, the internal struggle of what the soul wants and the long-term ideas of what they believe is their truth.

There is an estimated 7 billion people in this world and that creates 7 billion realities of truth, even in they are buried in falsehoods…

It’s disheartening to see many relationships between people and family or the relationship with yourself be destroyed by this concept of what is right or wrong, what is & should be and what the soul actually is driven by.

I have witnessed quite a few people take their own lives because they were unable to let go of the idea (falsehood) that they were a bad person or that what they did was so bad that they will be punished by a mean and nasty God judging them for all time!

A little spiritual lesson from my Masters & myself to you… Life isn’t about points, who did what, who prayed the most, who went to church, how much you’ve donated or what religion you are.

There is no god out there with a red pen marking X’s on a sheet of paper every time you do something right or wrong. You are not a bad person because your gay, didn’t go to church, or because you didn’t follow a set of rules. You’re not a bad person because you don’t feed every homeless person in the world…

Life is about lessons, learning and growth, period!

You are in school, The School of Life, and thus when you come up short on a test, you retake the test… that’s it!

It is also about experiencing…

Experiencing life at all angles… whether the experience brings the joys of love & happiness, the pain of heartbreak, or the accomplishments of personal success. It is about experiencing those raw emotions that make us feel alive. It is about learning to think for yourself and using your will to push past the obstacles put in your path…

You, as a soul, were given everything you ever need to get through anything present in your life!

      You don’t need to put your power into an outside source! You ARE the source…

Find that power within and accomplish what you need to!

                                                                   Are you one to believe that being a certain religion or race or because you were more successful in life than others will get you into a so-called “Heaven” or the “other side” faster over someone who doesn’t do what you do?

Here is a truth that will rattle your cage. EVERYONE goes to the same place! It doesn’t matter if you’re the Buddha type or you’ve done some terrible things, we all go to that place we call “other side” or “heaven”. (Will be explained in a later blog)

But that goes against everything many of you believe! But how??

You’re taught to believe that if you’re a good person, you go to a good place and if you’re a bad person you go to a bad place. That’s the restriction of believing the very things we are told.

Did you know that when you pray, your Guides & Masters do hear your prayer, they do send you the loving energy you need, but they also rely on you to do it yourself?

Prayer creates an emotional and energetic response within the soul that creates change within our realities. Though we cannot override people’s blueprints, we still have the ability to change our own… Prayer is powerful because of you and you alone…

I watch many people get angry or disappointed at the Divine (or God/Goddess, etc) because we thought their prayers were ignored,  including myself, when I was younger.

When I would cry out to Loryie or Mak Ruanna, why didn’t the Divine respond to me then my Masters always replied with the words “Self-reliance”.  I would get angry because I didn’t understand and I felt ignored! What does self-reliance have to do with me asking for help with my life??

The answer was simple! Self-reliance is the power given to us within to take total control of our lives, to think for ourselves, to get ourselves in and out of obstacles by ourselves. Self-reliance allows us to depend on ourselves to make our lives happy. Self-reliance allows us as artists to create our masterpiece on our own! Are we understanding??

I too had to shed the ideas that were told to me throughout my childhood. It was a complete overhaul of everything that I learned in catholic school. I was taught to depend on and obey God, to rely on and put my whole life in god and let him do all the work.

Mak Ruanna & Loryie told me this was the furthest from the truth… Life is all about self-reliance and personal power… and they want YOU to do it! YOU to make your life, YOU to think for yourself, YOU to flex your strength!

There are times when Guides & Masters do step in and give help, strength, and healing during darker times, but if your mother or father did everything in your life for you, you would never learn?

             It’s good to have ideas and faith, but make sure their your own!

When difficult tasks are at hand and you pray, do remember that YOU are the one who has the self-power to get through it! Spiritual reinforcements are readily available, but only for support!

They are there to be the shoulder to cry on, but it’s always up to you and the inner strength that will get you out of any situation!

So as nice as it is to thank the Divine and all the guides, you should acknowledge and be proud of yourself because you really bust your a** for everything you make in your life!

Whether it’s a god, a person of faith, a politician, a tv personality, or where ever our interests lie, we need to stop relinquishing the freedom and personal power that is our given right!

You were born to be free, to create, to dance along the music strings of life! Dance with pride, with confidence, and let your personal vibration of your soul shine throughout the universe!! Let the Breath of your Soul speak loudly for you!

In Mission and Purpose,

Miss Raina

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