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The Limitations of Self

The Limitations of Self

Do you often wonder why our lives carry so many broke dreams?

Do we envy the success of the people around us and wonder why not me?

The hopeless dreams and ambitions of our lives are often stagnant with broken ideas once thought to create greatness within our lives.  As we are geared from childhood to dream wondrous ambitions to create a life that shares emotional wealth, our personal experiences build the core dams of universal blockages.

Our lives stay empty, our hearts search for the depths of our truths, and though we carry on with our daily lives, we struggle to find the energy to make amends with the ghosts of our past.

                   What is it we are really searching for?

Are we looking for external love in the disbelief of ever achieving self-love?

                                                                  Do we drive ourselves to work countless hours to forget of our empty home within our soul?

The core Limitation of self-disbelief rides around in our subconscious like a broken record, repeating the phrases of our fears. Before we try, our consciousness has shut us down. A voice screams “Stop! Why should you try when you’ll only fail?”  The death of our dreams begins.

We fear the energy we call failure. It chases our dreams and smashes down any validity that we deem.

We work our minds to believe in belief, the belief of our own non-existence. Why should we try if the outcome is always the same? Yet, if those who live in self-disbelief would only see that outcome is only determined by our truth.

The roadblocks of core limitations are a set of rules that we are all taught. When we learn that these very ideas are never to be discarded but overcome, we see the strength in our will.  Most will acknowledge that money, a fancy car or nice clothes do not determine success and although that idea is familiar with many of us, we still chase external validation due to the need to be justified by another.

                   You cannot break down a core limitation if one chooses never to acknowledge it….

That in its own right is the start of the limitation created amongst the core belief.

Our survival is based on our deepest core limitations to create a homeostatic environment in a chaotic and imbalanced situation.  Above all, we will choose our own chaos in the depth of truth to survive the emotional pains of our experiences. That is why for many of us life offers us no other options.

Admittance is the start to acceptance…

The start of acceptance rides us down the road of health and healing. Although admittance and acceptance are not the instant healing that we so desperately want. We must come to the understanding that healing is a journey of self-discovery and never a source of instant gratification.

What is it you choose not to see?

                                Why is the truth viewed to be too painful?

If you’ve ever watched horse racing then you would see that racing horses wear blinders around their eyes. The horses are made to wear blinders so the experiences of the outside environment do not cause fear to arise from that, which is around them. We too, as humans, wear emotional and mental blinders called core limitations. These blinders are the protectors of our emotional, mental and spiritual upsets. They allow us to choose to no longer see the truth in our lives and to be consumed by the many ideals of core limitations. False ideals also allow us to choose pain and suffering over perspective in the name of survival. Core Limitations are often most effective at blinding us from ourselves.

                   If core limitations are just false ideals than why do they cause too much pain?

Great question, I’m glad that you asked!

For many of us, our core limitations appear very real, as we live them daily as if it were the air we breathe.

Soul pain is caused by the rejection of self to live in truth and the free flow of energy and balance.  If we come to the understanding that the fluidity of our lives is based on living to our potential, then we can come to the agreement that the rejection of our soul causes us to stagnant.

One example I often give is this…

Your potential is like a free flowing river. When potential is being met, your soul flows as clean and as graceful as the water in a river.  When rejection of self is our bases, it’s as if rocks and sediments start to pile up causing the water to slow in its own flow. We than become stagnant, murky and filled with unclean thought manifesting our clear ideals and dreams to die off.

The greatest gift one can give oneself is the acknowledgement and agreement to living to your potential. That means that we must be fearlessly willing to exercise our will and strength in the disbandment of our core limitations.  We must learn to recognize the broken record of core limitations within our subconscious, move on from them and create a new record full of limitless possibilities. 

In Consciousness,

Miss Raina

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