The Soul Sage & Spirit Guide

The Promise of a Spirit Guide

The Promise of a Spirit Guide

My Oath to the world…


I promise to watch over the souls of humanity from now until every soul has evolved into it’s light. I promise to share the energies of Compassion, Love, Understanding and Forgiveness and to bring the understanding of these values to those whom needs are without. To help each soul in grow in Strength and Knowledge. To share only Truth with the world and push past the boundaries of belief. I promise to be there for the souls that are in pain and suffering and be the comfort that they seek during the times of transition. I promise to be there for those whom seek the true wisdom and to help them unlock the depths of their own soul and master their energies. I promise to never turn my back on any persons whom are in need of help and assistance. I promise to share my kindness to my fellow souls even when others do not share the same kindness. I promise to be accepting of all people and to only see the light within. I promise to inspire those faced with tough challenges to find their inner will, self-belief and to help them gain their self-confidence. I promise to share the pains and joys of my life as a teaching tool for others to learn and grow. I promise to never be perfect in my job, but to falter often and show the true strength of the human light. I promise to always be honest with all of you and to show you what Life and Light are mean to be.

I promise to be the Spirit Guide and Soul Sage that the world deserves.

Miss Raina – Spirit Guide and Soul Sage


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