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The Purpose Within

The Purpose Within

Why so many of us search for purpose

We are often afraid of darkness. We run from it, we hide from it and we avoid it at all costs. We surround ourselves with artificial lighting at night which comforts us and our spirit. We wear bright vibrant color clothes in hopes that it will attract to us the vibration of peace and balance that our deepest wants desire. The term darkness has been instilled into our brains as evil or bad.  Darkness to us is the unknown and so we fear the unknown. We fear what is not familiar to us, any idea that brings us away from our comfort zone or brings us away from what we have been told our entire lives. For many, we live our lives in darkness to0 afraid to move forward, unaware that we are standing deep in the darkness. The idea we seem to miss is that through the darkness is the way to The Purpose Within Us!

It amazes me how often people, with whom I come in contact with on a daily basis, become standoffish with me just on my appearance of wearing all black. Yes that’s right, my whole wardrobe consists of entirely all black clothes! It is one of my staples as to who I am and I enjoy it very much. People are always telling me to bring color into my life, but what they do not realize is that I have color in my life. Most people will judge me on my appearance. Some will be afraid of me, some will assume that I’m needing protection and some will even believe that I’m evil and work with the darkness.  Truth be told, I wear black clothes because I am a Spirit Guide of Truth and Light. One of my jobs is to mirror your fears so that you will be in truth with your own personal darkness. At first judgement, those who fear me for wearing black clothes are taught that they, themselves, fear life.  They fear facing their issues. Their reflection in my energy frightens them and they do what comes naturally to people, run! Some will physically avoid me, but running from darkness can take on many forms, most often manifesting itself as hatred and ignorance. The darkness that we face in life is not bad or evil, it is our greatest teacher. Even at first glance, my appearance is already teaching those souls that I interact with what it is that they need to face.

Truth is in darkness. In fact, Truth is darkness and darkness is Truth!  With that simple statement you can now see why so many of us need the light around. We are comforted with the lies that surround our physical body in the material world. The external light tricks us into thinking that we can avoid the truth inside.  If we surround ourselves with bright color, external light, material items, or even drugs, then we can keep the truth of who we are buried deep within and avoid it in our darkness.   When we disguise our mind with false truth, it is much easier for one to step into one’s daily life without shame or embarrassment that haunts us with the shadows of our past.  This is the way we remain in turmoil; this is why, for most, we live miserable lives.

As the old saying goes, misery does love company.  But misery is not an external force. It is an internal force that is created by our own uncertainty which stagnates our life force and creates an unstable feeling. Misery, anger, jealousy, insecurity and so on, these are the true forms of suffering. And there in lies the delusion that we are in the light. Humans are survivors. We have the unique ability to take uncomfortable situations, store them deep within and move on.  Do we really ever move on? Not at all! We have energetic pockets within our bodies that hold every form of energy, or memory, that we encounter until it is dealt with properly. If we were truly able to Pump n Dump, as I like to call it, then we would never learn anything in life. We would have an unpleasant experience and the moment we didn’t like it, we’d throw it out. How could the soul grow? This is what most of us have fault with. We actually trick ourselves into believing that we are over an issue or it no longer belongs to us. If you honestly wish to get past the shadows that follow you, then you must take ownership of your life and realize that every experience stays with you forever! When you accept this idea to your core, it is truly empowering!

Owning your experiences is real power. This is where the soul thrives, where it harnesses its true strength. It brings truth to you. Sure, you may look at this as darkness, but as I stated before, we often look at ideas that we don’t understand as dark. The darkness you fear is, in actuality, your best friend. It never lies to you, never turns its back on you and is always there where ever you go. Darkness helps you find your truth and even your light within, if you let it. Unfortunately, many of us are too ego driven by our own fears to ever accept this as truth. Often, when we don’t want to see the truth, we’ll say, “Oh, well that’s YOUR truth, not mine!”  That statement is a dismissal used when being confronted with someone who sees us better than we see ourselves. These are the same people that are always starting arguments where ever they go. Why? Because they live in the true darkness, their misery.

As a medium, I always have students that tell me when they feel spirits they become scared because it feels evil. I usually give a small chuckle and reply, “There are no evil spirits.” This idea is put into your head by society and fantasy movies. So why do so many people feel that spirits are evil? Easy, it is because they don’t understand what they are feeling! It’s that simple.  It is the same reason why people feel their truth as an evil darkness. Darkness is just the unknown. When walking through a dark forest at night you might feel unsafe, its not because it’s evil, its because you can not see the world around you and it becomes the unknown to you. Your feelings and emotions are no different. However, you can run from the forest, but you cannot run from those shadows of truth. Why would you want to, anyway? Isn’t it everyones goal to find happiness, peace, balance, self love?

I made friends with my shadows and the darkness within long ago. Sure there are still issues to be resolved, there always will be. My shadows are more than my friends, they are me. Each shadow has come with powerful life lessons for me to learn. They have carried me through the real darkness of self-pity, depression, anger and shame. My darkness and truth have given me the strength to be who I am. It doesn’t really matter how spiritually old we are or if we are spirit guides or not, when we incarnate we take human form and have a human experience. I falter and stumble just as much as the next person. I’m not trying to achieve perfection in my life, my goal is to achieve correction and growth! I welcome my challenges and my shadow friends. Each day is an opportunity to reach higher.

Human suffering is necessary in my eyes. However, what is  unnecessary is the length of time that you choose to carry it around with you. It has taken me many years to relearn this lesson during this life. Suffering only becomes a punishment when you refuse to let it go. Responsibility is a big word that many of us don’t like to hear. How easy is it for us to say that a God/ Goddess or some outside external force is punishing us? We do it every day! In fact, most often when someone speaks to me about their problems the very first statement out of their mouth is that an supernatural external force is doing it to them. Even if we are positive about the lesson, we reduce our power to a being that is not there. We must travel on the path of self reliance. True darkness and misery is only brought on by you, owned by you and can be released by you. And life is only complicated by the illusions and restrictions of your own mind’s belief that you are powerless to do anything about it.

But in the end, you’ll find a wondrous secret about your darkness, thats it’s actually The Purpose Within Us! 😉

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