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The True Art of Helping Others

The True Art of Helping Others

I’ve always wanted to help others….


Like many others in this world, I came into this world with a mission to help others. From my first moment of consciousness I could feel every cell programmed with the deep desire to change the world. As my Guides Loyrie and Mak Ruanna coached me through the years, I realized that deep responsibility that came to my understanding. This understanding frightened me because I knew what helping others truly meant.


Being in Service to the Light…


Even as an ancient soul and as a Spirit Guide, which are nothing more than titles anyways, I had to relearn the truths about healing hidden deep within the illusions of the waking world. A world based upon reality and perception, but a misguided perception that is. To be in true service to the light means sacrifice. We as true healers must learn the face of sacrifice and resolve the ever-relentless EGO.


The Illusions of healing….


If you’re like most people, you become involved into helping others with an idea of making others feel better about their life situations. When we help someone else, it makes us feel alive and the energy thrives. BUT the illusions of healing are just so this! For true healing work is not done for the benefit of you and your own feelings, but for the simple act of sharing kindness with many! Many of you will deny this very truth and say, “I do healing for others and not myself!”, which in some cases might be true. However, I have met very few in my travels that don’t.


Many healers overstep their boundaries…


Because our own selfish needs to feel loved and accepted, many people chase the need to help others. The EGO clouds our mind and blinds us to the truth of any situation. We push our will on another all in the sense that we know what’s best for others! And this is the greatest folly!


We call ourselves Masters and Experts…


Many classify being an expert by receiving their puppy papers after a weekend course. Yet is impossible to call yourself a Master even after a few years of practice. The Art of healing is ever changing. As our Consciousness grows and our vibrations transform, so does the way we heal.


Reiki is a very popular art of healing here in the United States. Within a weekend or over a course of 3 weekends you are a Reiki Master! Ahhh! There’s that word Master again! People parade themselves around shouting “I’m a Reiki Master!” and quickly advertise themselves as an expert in their healing business. Only the fool, played by EGO, plays this role!


How do we know when our helping is actually interfering with the lessons of another??


Often time the biggest disasters come from the best intentions! And often time’s good-hearted healers try to override another’s life growth lesson due to their own subconscious and unresolved fears. Why? Because the experience of another’s pain hit too close to our own and we react out of defense rather than truth.


Judgment of another without proper knowledge is the weakness of all human action


Any healer must understand truth and Judgment before we could possibly truly help another. It is in the walls of illusion and deceit that the human experience suffers the most. A true healer feels this concept deep within and this moves past the idea of the simple concept that helping others is truly about them.


Healing is often painful


There are many different forms of healing in our world. All effective and all needed. Those seeking healing are often on a special journey of self-truth. They must learn to crawl before they walk and so it is in their best interest to seek out healers that are they themselves just starting out too. As the Healee grows with awareness they should reach out and seek out healers with greater vibration.


Healing shouldn’t always be pleasurable. In Fact, the deepest most effective healing work is often terrifying and accompanied by the sense of being lost and confused. This is way a true healer realizes that in takes lifetimes to build this knowledge! Yet, this style of healing should not be given to those that are not emotionally ready to handle it.


A Healer must know them first


We spend lifetimes searching for who we are. You cannot heal another, or even begin to understand truth and judgment, if you are consumed with EGO. Our anger, the need to be Right and Just, to prove to the world that we are somebody and our inability to tell belief from truth confines us to a shallow view of others.


If you are unresolved in life then we must start with our most important client to heal, ourselves! Wanting to help others is a great thing, but helping others for our own underlined desires makes even the nicest person incapable. You are not doing anyone any good if you come from a place of illusion.


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