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Through the Flames of the Rising Phoenix

Through the Flames of the Rising Phoenix

The Phoenix Rises from the Flames

It was night and I crumbled to the ground. The room was dark and I couldn’t feel a thing. I was confused and lost at the moment, unfamiliar with who I was, I realized that I died, spiritually. My skin and my body were that of a different person. I couldn’t speak nor could I collect any thoughts. I was in total silence. The skin that I wore was new to me and for the first time in my life, I did not know this new body, this new energy. I was unafraid of the darkness that surrounded me. In fact, I welcomed the darkness. It was comforting to me. When I closed my eyes I felt the touch of my dad, my family, and my master guides upon my shoulder. I knew that all of them were there in support of whatever was going on. I then felt a rush of energy throughout my body. It was hot, intense, and burned through my soul like a flame over wood. I then stood up and looked into the mirror. I felt reborn, reborn into new energy, into a new body. Within my eyes, I saw it for the first time. I saw the flames of the Rising Phoenix.

Within those moments of spiritual death, I realized the role of what I needed to step in.

Everything was crystal clear. My mind was sharp and processing many different concepts of reality all at once. I could hear noises that I could never hear before (just FYI, I’m mostly deaf in both ears). The colors of the items around me were bold & bright. It was as I stepped into fantasy land. I could hear my family and friends, and those close to me, their thoughts and ideas as if we became a singularity. I felt the world as a whole! When morning came, I stepped outside by the pond behind my house. I could smell the water, taste & drink its energy like never before. A bird flew by me and as the bird passed, I saw the trails of the bird’s energy trying to catch up to itself to make it a tangible living creature. I suddenly realized that my level of consciousness grew and I realized exactly what it was I had to do.

Within a day, my physical body couldn’t adjust fast enough to the vibrational level that had become me. I grew physically ill… Multiple back issues, injuries all over my body, and even longer periods of not sleeping. I even ended up in the hospital for a night. My skin felt so tight as if I was an adult stepping into a child’s skin. I couldn’t eat or drink fast enough. I went through bouts of overeating and drinking (no, not alcohol! lol) (or junk food!), and no matter what I consumed my body still craved! My body started to feel as if I were 80 years of age as well as a young child…  I could now understand what it was like for people after they have a healing session from me! As strong as I felt spiritually, my physical body didn’t want any part of it!

A few months passed and I seemed to finally adjust to everything. As I was standing outside near my pond, I realized that everything I had ever gone through and experienced had lead to this moment. This was the moment I was waiting for! My spiritual knowledge had come to fruition and all realizations came to the forefront. For many years I hid under the pretense that I was just a healer and a psychic medium to explain the actions of my life for people. I never truly told them who I was. Why? Believe it or not, fear! I’ve always been the type to not really care what others thought of me, but on one particular level, I did! It was on this level that I was afraid to tell people. I was afraid because people are afraid of what they don’t know! They fear ideas and people that they haven’t been conditioned to… I’m still not sure people are ready for this spiritual understanding…  However, we are stepping into a higher level of consciousness and sadly many incarnated people are unable to accept my truth due to social conditioning.

I have always had a hard time with people in my life. I’m judged because I’m Genderless and Non-binary, like our true soul, for being a Domme & in the fetish lifestyle, having open relationships, and for being a psychic medium & a healer. People fear my presence because my vibration is strong and when those around me understand, they come to the realization that I’m going to see who they are in truth. They cannot hide from me, especially now. I do not judge people for who they are, what they do or look like, what kind of job they have, or what they have done in their past. I look at people on their actions and how they treat others and understand why they are.

When the phoenix arose in me, I could no longer deny myself to others what I am meant to do and what is meant to be accomplished. After all, how can you teach and help people if you cannot speak your truth yourself?? It is true with the above statement about me being a psychic medium and such, but there is more to my story than that.

I am a Transcendental Spirit Guide… I help younger souls evolve into their truth and teach them the tools of life! Each lifetime I incarnate in service for the people. Helping them through their problems, issues and guiding them along their path until they are ready to walk on their own. There are few of us scattered throughout the world… and we do it without most knowing! (and no we don’t stop bullets lol.. we are after all in a human body and are guided by the same laws of life that everyone else is) I’ve traveled all over this country reaching out to those who need spiritual life assistance, and if you’ve ever had me in your life, you would know deep down that what I speak is in truth. I have no need to come back here, but I choose to come back so I can be in service to those souls making their journey along with the evolutionary recognition.

There are no coincidences when I enter your life. I meet you for a reason or vice versa. I stay in your life for as long as you need me and when you are ready, I leave. Have you ever prayed or really needed help in your life then someone comes to you out of the blue, helps you, and disappears??? Have you ever had a traumatic experience and someone pops for a moment to help and is instantly gone? We are placed with the right people in the right moments! It does sadden me from time to time, for I have met some really great people in my years of service and it’s unfortunate that I cannot stay in certain people’s lives as a friend. I have shared many laughs and good times with those I’ve had the honor to assist.

My job is simple, it’s to help those evolve to understanding and to teach people what they forgot! Love within oneself is better than having all the talent, abilities, and greatness one could achieve! The only time you truly are great is when you share your love with the rest of the world… I always want you to remember that!

I realized that the darkness that I went into was because I was denying who I truly was, out of fear of what others would think and how they would react. I was afraid that people would think I was a crazy person (goofy, but not crazy! lol 😉 ) or fear me more, instead of coming towards me. When I hit rock bottom spiritually last year, it was to teach me that no matter how old of a soul I am, that denial of myself would bring me to succumb to the downfall of my own life. That I must never be afraid of others in any situation and to have compassion for those who fear and judge me. The new energy and skin that I felt that night was when I decided to no longer deny my truth to myself and the world. I raised to my vibration, my level, my truth… Before I was living in someone else’s skin.

I have earned this right to help people in this world and am honored to be trusted with the lives of many. Mak Runna, my guide of healing, told me along time ago when I was little that “when you live your life in truth to the world, the people will no longer fear you!” He couldn’t have been more on point! I have noticed a change in most people. Those that ran from me or laughed at me, now seek my advice and guidance. My life is completely different from that of my last blog “The Rise of the Dark Perakee”… I am no longer in that space of rejection. How could I be?? I am a being of conscious awareness! I got caught in the denial of my truth and the emotion of social conditioning.

I am who I am. It’s been filled with many ups and downs, I’m finding my way back to myself. Right now I’m living me and the world will know it! I am a Transcendental Spirit Guide and I will continue to help people during my time on earth! After 35 years (of this life) of training and undoing the social fears, within The Flames of the Rising Phoenix are burning bright! Whether you accept the fact of who I am or not, we will and have always been here. You just need to open your mind!

In Mission and Purpose,

Miss Raina (Spirit Guide)  😉

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