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To See Through the Minds Eye

To See Through the Minds Eye

The Perception of Our Lives

I’ve been having a hard time around people a lot lately. People are too much and the world seems too big… I know things have changed for the better in my life, but in this new skin, my awareness and psyche have been amped up. I feel like a psychic medium on steroids. It has been up and down with my emotions, very sensitive to those around me, almost uncontrollable. Imagine hearing almost every thought of those around you, see what they see, and feeling what they feel as if it were yours. It’s as if I’m having 200 different conversations at once. My vibration has grown and changed to a higher tone. However, there is no “off” switch… or at least I have not found a way yet.

I’m excited for this new growth, this new awareness… It’s a feeling that is unmatched. However, I’m just now realizing that it’s hard for me to be in this world amongst the crowd. Even my favorite hangouts have been difficult for me. Feeling those emotions and issues amongst my peers, I have been able to separate for many years, now has changed. I’m on fire when it comes to my Psychic awareness, my mediumship, and my spiritual counseling aid. It’s easier than ever. In fact, I don’t even have to try, meditate or prepare myself… It there, it’s on.

The last few weeks I’ve found myself inside the minds of many and sharing their experiences. Tonight, I sat with a friend of mine who is having family trouble. The moment she started to speak, I unwillingly tapped into her and to her family members and I was having trouble getting out. I was experiencing everything of the parties that were involved. One person of which I didn’t mind and the other person made me feel horrible. He was downright nasty, mean, and manipulative. I felt like I was this person and I was doing everything in my power to leave his energy, but I couldn’t. As I was explaining to my friend the “behind the scenes” for this scenario, she saw the discomfort of what I was experiencing and said, ” Miss Raina, you need to get out of this guy’s head, he’s not worth it!” But I couldn’t… I was stuck experiencing more than I wanted to and more than I usually do. When I finally left his energy, the chatter from the people in my local hangout was as if everyone was talking to me at once. Loud, obnoxious, and all I wanted to do was leave… and I did…

My normal daily usage of being able to tune into everyone has raised the bar. Usually, even if I’m unaware of the situation, I know I need to be with certain people at certain places. It’s much different this time. My energy has expanded to the point of being in many different directions at one time. It’s faster, stronger, and a little bit out of control. It’s changed me in ways, but I must figure out a way to stop the scatteredness of my energy from jumping in and out of those around me.

A few months ago when I had that spiritual transformation and I no longer denied myself to the world, I felt a shift in myself. Ready to take on new challenges, reach out to and help more people and expand my consciousness to higher levels. I am still strong and ready for any road that lies ahead. What puzzles me is the fact that I’ve spent a lifetime of training with my Master Guides on learning how to control and manipulate energy only to be dumbfounded by this all over again! I feel like resorted back to my childhood again relearning who I am and what my capabilities are.

My mood swings have been finicky. I have self-love and appreciation for who I am. I have made peace with all my demons many months ago and I am truly happy in my life. So then I ask myself “Why has the world been bothering me lately?” I’ve been short with everyone. Family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers have all been on my irritable list lately. I hold no anger or animosity towards anyone, but the slightest gesture towards me and I’m ready to get all annoyed! lol, I find myself hard to control at times. I’m very aware of the traits of  “Sensitives”. Traits that I have seemed to have mastered, but now seem to come up short with. The pluses and minuses of being who I am, but the lesson in this is not stated.  I have spent many days in isolation and refuse to hide away from people until I rebalance. There has to be a happy medium.

One area that has been well handled, is the focus of having created many new ideas for my goals in what I plan to accomplish while  I am here. It’s been an overflow of creativity and I feel as if I have the Midas touch. Fast and to the point is the name of the game for me right now and I have no plans of slowing down.

I often say to people, as I teach my students, that in order to attain great spiritual achievement, you must be willing to die many hard spiritual deaths and to challenge yourself to great lessons. Though you may not always understand what it is that you are being challenged upon, you must have total faith in yourself that you have the knowledge already encoded within you. I will take on this new vibration, for I know it is a gift, not only to myself but to those with whom I cross paths to help. The strength of the Phoenix is burning bright and I will master what I need to. I hope one day you will reach the vibration to see through the mind’s eye and reach a plateau of goodness.

In Mission and Purpose,

Miss Raina

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