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What in the World is the Right Thing to do?

What in the World is the Right Thing to do?

A World of Right vs Wrong

We are often caught up in a world of right and wrong. Our lives are guided by a set of rules taught to us the moment we are born. Each set of rules conform us into a society of behavioral discipline. Going about our day, watching others interact with the world while forming many judgements of what we think is the correct way. We live our lives bounded by a set of rules created throughout generations in hopes that it will teach us to live positive lives. Thus, in truth for most, it creates a world of limitations.

Throughout my life, I’ve often take a step back from the world. I observe life, it’s people and how we choose to interact with one another. Witnessing many quarrels trying to attain justification in each of our lives on a daily basis in hopes of fulfilling our egos. Disputes seem endless as we battle ourselves and others over the falsehoods ingrained by society of a moral code of “Right and Wrong”. And being with so many falsehoods, ideas of moral code and ethics and most people assuming that they know what’s “right” for this world, how do any of us know what the “Right” thing to do??

In order for us to heighten our spiritual growth we must first remove ourselves from the irrational ideals that were created in our mind. Take a firm step forward into the idea of allowing people to live their lives. After all, who are we to be presumptuous towards the ways of others?

As a Spirit Guide, many of my clients throughout the years have always told me that they want to do the “Right” thing in life. That they want to change their life and be a better person. My very first question to them is “Why?” Believe it or not, most answers are fear based! Most do not want to anger God/Goddess, go to a hell and many believe that by doing the “right” thing it will give them extra points which will allow a spot for them in a place called heaven. Thankfully for us this is not the way it operates people!

Doing something nice or the “right thing” for someone while expecting a reward or good karma announces to the other-side that your intentions are not noble. In fact its completely egotistical and will create a low dense vibration. You can delude yourself into thinking whatever you want, but your Spirit Guides know the truth to all situations. They know the authenticity of all thoughts, feelings and actions that are carried out by every individual. Unfortunately, our society has created a conditioned response of a good deed for a good reward. True spiritual and religious action is not about “right or wrong” or about being “rewarded” for the actions that you do for another. Man has created this idea, period! And it’s about time that we remove ourselves from these falsehoods and mature.

Many great teachers and stories have been place in life to teach us to be aware of our thoughts and actions. You can find stories in any culture that will teach the lesson of not judging another. We read it, preach it but very few of us actually practice the wisdom bestowed to us throughout our life. People need to understand that the moment your thoughts make you dictate, in action, whats best for another person, a group of people or society is the moment when our ego has superseded truth and wisdom. Our egos play a big part in our lives. The ego is the 4 year old child throwing a tantrum trying to manipulate all situations in life. This is why so many wise teachers pass down the idea of learning to control the ego and nurture it in a healthy and loving way.

We need to stop worrying about what we think is right. We need to turn our focus on doing good. The actions of goodness always overshadow the greatness of oneself and the actions of someone doing right or wrong. Allowing our good to shine into the world is what allows this world and the people to grow! If you want to witness true change in the world, then stop telling people what you think is right for them. Stop judging the actions of others, even if in your mind it’s not “right”. One of my most favorite saying to my clients, friends and those i’ve had the honor of sharing time with is “just because you believe something, doesn’t make it true or right”. This statement seems obvious and is very powerful, but honestly, most never truly absorb this message! I usually get a reply of “oh thats so true!” and then the very next statement from their mouth is an idea of falsehood from society. Having good in oneself has no limitations of right or wrong. Good has no ego and it definitely is never out to oust another individual.

If you know me, then you know i’m very much into politics, of course by choice. Most have the assumption that I like politics, but in actuality, I do not. Politics, along with religion, is one of the biggest causes of hate, war and death in this world. In my country, the United States, I watch two political parties, and it’s supporters, fight relentlessly over who’s “right” and who’s “wrong”! In my opinion, it’s one of the most ego driven falsehood ideals placed by society creating conflict. I watch as Republicans and Democrats fight like children. Both sides being blinded by hate for the other and controlled by their egos. Each side seeing the mistakes of the other party, but turns a blind’s eye when their elected official is in office. This is one of the best examples of us failing to grown into a higher consciousness and getting caught up in the egotism of right and wrong.

If we do “Good” rather than “right”, then we will find that we don’t allow ourselves to get caught up in a battle for the egos game. So what’s the difference between the “good” and the “right” thing?? Doing “good” means putting yourself in service to promote a positive vibration that will bring you forward in your journey. Good allows you to help others without reward or expectation of Karma coming back to you. Good allows you to keep an open mind to all walks of life and allows you let others live their lives in peace. But most importantly, doing good allows acceptance and tolerance and releases the continuous struggle of judgement and hate.

The “right thing” always seems to get many of us into trouble! How many of us have said “All I was trying to do was the right thing!” after an attempt to do a so called good deed for another? We all have! And it is our ego that makes us think that we can correct someone else’s life. It is our ego that says “oh, I know what’s RIGHT for that person” and rants on expressing to them how to fix their life. That is why those situations always go wrong! Instead of being a good friend, a good neighbor or a good family member by listening to them and being there for them, we take it upon ourselves to “know” what is “right” to help that person out. We interfere with the life lessons of others in attempt to make us feel better about someone else struggles. In reality, that is what it becomes about most of the time! Sure there are people that do try to help another without it being completely about them, but it’s human nature for us to try to fix an uncomfortable situation for someone else because it makes us feel unease. We must learn to recognize when we fall into the trap of doing the “right” thing verse the “good” thing.

Ego wants what’s righteous… Righteousness comes from a persons insecurity from within with the need to feel like someone special. We often try to do what’s right because it gives us a sense of belonging and fulfillment.That is why people jump aboard when it comes to many ideas of life. We instantly believe in an idea from another without question for the false security that it gives. Right ideas cause much chaos. If you take abortion, for example, you have both sides that think they are “right”. Pro abortion people believe they are right in a woman having a choice with their bodies and Anti abortion people believe they are right in no abortion. So who’s right? This is why we must make an objective perspective on ideas such as these. We should help people in need, but not in the form of one person being right and one being wrong.  Allow people to see their own errors and allow them to think and attain the ah-ha moments.  Share goodness with them, not righteousness.

When you step away from what you think is right for everyone in the world than you will begin to root your feet in spiritual maturity. When you share goodness with the world you then the need to be right will be a mere memory. We cannot have expectations to change this world as long as we are involved in the pettiness of being right.  Find that  goodness from within and blossom the positive change you were looking for.

In Mission and Purpose,

Miss Raina

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