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TT S07E173 Alternative Therapies to Common Diseases

TT S07E173 Alternative Therapies to Common Diseases

It is the start of Season 7!

In the First of Three-part series, Miss Raina discusses Alternative Therapies to Bowel disease. In the US, Western Medicine is the most common practice to treat people. Unfortunately, treating Bowel Diseases such as IBD, Crohn’s, and Ulcerative Colitis are not among the top of western treatments. Are there alternative ways to help these diseases? Can plants and herbs help us in our fight against these common diseases?

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*** This show is not meant to diagnose or be in replacement of medical advice. Do no start taking anything mentioned on this show or go off current medication without talking to your medical professional. ***

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Raina has helped thousands of individuals from all over the world find their purpose and mission. Having several degrees in Oriental & Alternative medicine, as well as her ever-evolving purpose to gain higher consciousness, Raina has created many outlets to share the wisdom and truths of the universe. Her radio show, IAMevolution Podcast, and the IAMevolution program are ready for those who truly want to seek wisdom and truth and help transform their vibration of our third-dimensional world.

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