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TT S02E59 The Steps to Mastering Oneself

TT S02E59 The Steps to Mastering Oneself

In Honor of February being International Boost Self-Esteem month, we decided to dedicate an episode to those who have realized that they are all they need to build a better them!

This episode is a show to the mastery of oneself!  So many of us try hard to be a confident and secure person and, for some, our interactions with others leave us down in the dumps. Miss Raina will teach us techniques on how to build and strengthen our healthy boundaries so that we can be the person we’ve always wanted to be.

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Raina has helped thousands of individuals from all over the world find their purpose and mission. Having several degrees in Oriental & Alternative medicine, as well as her ever-evolving purpose to gain higher consciousness, Raina has created many outlets to share the wisdom and truths of the universe. Her radio show, IAMevolution Podcast, and the IAMevolution program are ready for those who truly want to seek wisdom and truth and help transform their vibration of our third-dimensional world.

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