The Soul Sage & Spirit Guide

The Power to Transcend

At a very early age, I started to experience the gifts of psychic mediumship and healing. Troubled by the experiences of the people and the world I felt around, I often struggled with the ability to connect to others. Gender identity issues often played a big role in creating emotional turbulence in my life. Having no one to turn to, I became angry, rebellious, and often acted out in extreme ways. I spent many years living with depression & anxiety, loneliness, abusing drugs, and forever rejecting who I was and the life I was meant to live. My personal and romantic relationships were also a mess as I always seem to attract those that didn’t see my value. Although I continued my training with my Master Guides, I often rejected any spiritual gifts. Due to the chaotic way I lived my life, I struggled daily with accepting my truth of being a Spirit Guide and Soul Sage. It wasn’t until my Guide Loyrie said to me ” You must relearn what it is to be human by experiencing the deepest of emotional pain so that you can understand those you will help. You will share with them the truth and knowledge of self.” It was then that the awakening of my true self emerged and for the first time in my life, I accepted who I was.

I started using my abilities to change the world.

Even though I rejected my gifts as a child, the art of healing was second nature for me. Although I often felt unsure of myself, the first part of my path frequently led me to help moms with troubled pregnancies and those that struggled with cancer. No matter how chaotic my life was, when I was living in truth it always brought me into unity. To this day, the most enjoyable time in my life is when I get to be a part of the most intimate times in people’s lives.

During such time, I realized that my self-acceptance and my ability to see life for what they were was to become my teaching tools. I set out to travel across the country to share the knowledge, strength, and perspective that I have come to know. For IAM Miss Raina, The Spirit Guide and Soul Sage!

Currently, I am the creator of a successful radio show which challenges the depth of consciousness. I enjoy doing speaking publicly and teaching people the program that I developed. It allows the soul to achieve true self and spiritual maturity through duality and perspective.  I have had the honor to appear on tv networks NBC and Fox and been a reoccurring guest on several radio shows.

My educational background consists of a Masters in Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture as well as several degrees in Alternative Medicine. I have been a therapeutic licensed massage therapist for over 13 years and have a certification as a health coach.

We hear extraordinary reviews about your healing work? Why is it so unique?

You did? Unique? To me, it’s what everyone is capable of!

All of us have the capabilities to heal on a deep level, but real healing comes from the ability to see the truth in life. If we lose control of our emotions and remain in the lies of society, then we limit ourselves to those constraints. We must constantly adjust to each vibration and understand how to manipulate the energy in and around us. Most practitioners are taught great limitations in healing that devalues their importance during the work. As long as we have these ideas, our healing will never reach its true potential.

My program, IAMevolution, teaches others the style of healing that I use. We are much more capable of healing than any of the current modalities allow our minds to achieve. Through this program, you will learn the true potential of the human experience

Miss Raina is a powerful healer and true Spirit Guide! I have been lucky enough to witness her helping others in different instances where they needed it the most, in letting go of this world! Miss Raina's unique ability in helping many cross over into the other side always amazes me.   She is spectacular in that arena and a expert at many others.  She has helped me with my spiritual and psychic complexities and has helped shed some light within me without even knowing it!  What she does for people, in many different circumstances, is amazing and must be experienced!
Maria Kontos