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Our Thanks


Appreciation from those we love!

My mother was ill with cancer and was soon to pass away. With only a moments notice, Miss Raina dropped everything and came to our aid. She helped my mother pass peacefully and stayed with our family until late hours of the night. I will always be grateful for the gifts that you shared with my mother and our family that night. Thank you Miss Raina for being a light in our world!
Lora Brown
Behavioral Therapist
When you first sit down with Miss Raina, you see that she gets a good ‘feel’ of what’s bothering you, allowing open & candid repertoire right from the get-go. Miss Raina's attention to your life's details shine through with an amazing gift of getting at the REAL issues. To my amazement, Miss Raina's profound approach during each session unfolds many deep breakthroughs. You’re an onion effortlessly shedding layer after layer. Her determination to reveal the shiny pearl that’s inside all of us is is quite admirable.
Lee Marie
Licensing Executive
I met Miss Raina when I was pregnant with my second child. My first pregnancy ended abruptly with a miscarriage and devastated me. During my second pregnancy, I began to have vaginal bleeding & complications just as I did with my first pregnancy that I lost. My obstetrician offered no assistance and said that there was nothing else they could do. My mother called me and told me that she was led a woman that she felt I should see for a healing session. This woman was Miss Raina. I was very skeptical and I didn't really want to go, but my mother was very persuasive, so I agreed. After one healing session with Miss Raina, the bleeding and the cramping stopped! I continued my sessions with her every other week until I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, smart, gentle, and handsome baby boy. I am extremely grateful for Miss Raina and the gift of healing that she shares to enhance the lives of others every day. She is truly an angel on this earth.
Lori Soberal
Nurse Practitioner
Miss Raina changed everything for me! She is my go to guru for spiritual knowledge and healing on a deep level and has been for many years. She actually saved my life once when I was at one of my darkest periods. When we first met, I was a spiritual newbie and did not know anything about connecting into my deeper self, my healing gifts or my intuition. Miss Raina has led me to the truths of the universe that were buried deep inside my soul!
Melissa Binkley
Transformational Expert
Miss Raina is an inspiration to myself and many others! I appreciate her constant honesty and truth of self. She has helped me grow into my true self. It is amazing to know a person, like Miss Raina, whom lives their words daily. I feel so blessed to have crossed her Path. She has helped me to be true to my soul and find my purpose in life. Thank you doesn’t seem to hold the gratitude that I hold for her!
Kaz Bieluch
Morge Technitian
“I “THOUGHT” I Was Doing Everything RIGHT but nothing was getting better with my health, business or any other areas in my life…” With long term anxiety that comes from ADHD, the high stress levels from running a fast growing business & being a single mom of an ADHD Teen plus suffering from years of CHRONIC PAIN from back and neck injuries as a disabled veteran, my health had been suffering for many years. I’ve sought help from so many doctors, coaches, and so called “experts” that I really “THOUGHT” I Was Doing Everything RIGHT but nothing was getting better with my health and many other areas in my life… Since I’ve started working with Miss Raina, she has helped me not only fix some of these things but to also uncover the deep roots as to why anxiety, emotional turmoil, exhaustion, overwhelm, and constant physical pain just wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. In just a few short months, my life and my “insides” are much calmer. I am much more levelheaded in business and in my relationships. I’ve gotten booked to speak internationally which is something I dreamed of for years, I’ve gained much clarity in my spiritual journey which had some many missing pieces to it and I’ve lost 22 lbs. just from making simple changes to correct the mistakes I was making due to information overload. Miss Raina helps you stand up, get set on a straight path and then keeps you going in the right direction. It’s because of this and her true gift to guide your spirit, soul and life that I even brought my son to her to guide him on his path. We love you Miss Raina.
Shelley Mitchell
Business Consultant & Speaker / My Personal Business Coach