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Starters Testimonials

I'm at the beginning of my process with Miss Raina and I have to say I'm truly impressed by her intuitive understanding of where I am "stuck". Little by little I find myself beginning to understand in my soul what the masters and sages have taught and I have studied. Knowledge won't get you anywhere on this journey towards enlightenment. Miss Raina is the guide that came into my life at just the right time. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." -Lao Tsu. Miss Raina is pushing me one step at a time. Now that I'm "getting it" and doing the homework she has assigned I'm becoming aware of patterns, behaviors and thoughts that do not serve me.
Angela Van Hemert
Yoga Teacher & Artist / Yoga Center
I have been working with Miss Raina for about 7 months now and I'd like to start by saying wow. Miss Raina is simply a master of discovering YOUR truth and guiding YOU to live the life that is best for you. Ever since I started to work with Miss Raina I have gone through growth in which I used to you think that would've taken me years to accomplish by myself. Over the past few months I have learned so much about others and the world around me just by connecting with myself. I have began to understand reason that I do some of the things that I do and I have a better understanding of why other people do what they do. Since I've been doing this I can safely say that this is some of the hardest pressure, and the most intense emotions I have ever felt in my life. However, I see life with a deeper appreciation than I have ever seen before. I obviously still have lifetimes of learning & I truly cannot say what experiences you will have with working with Miss Raina but I do know that she will guide you to living YOUR life and YOUR truth.
Caleb Sessions
Sales Representative / Speaking Empire
Before I started working with Miss Raina, I felt like I was inside of a tornado and was trying to grab at anything I could. Instead of realizing that the things flying around me were secondary (needs/wants/desire) and what mattered first/most was focusing on myself by looking inward. She has opened my eyes to a lot by being my guide and getting me to ask questions that connect me to my higher self. Her sessions are TRULY, you time. Time to work on you, evolve, to assist, to ignite, to dig up your roots; to learn. A magical non-judgmental peaceful space that she offers to your soul. 
Danielle Finn
Hair Stylist / Generations A Hair Salon
I wasn’t looking for a Spirit Guide when I learned of Miss Raina, but believe I was led to her through divine happenstance. Once I learned of her, I viewed her website, listened to her radio show, and read her blogs. It became even more clear to me that this is who I need to meet to help me heal and grow. Her story and commitment to healing is powerful and shows just how much she wants to help people. I went through a very difficult period where every aspect of my life was effected. My parents started to have serious health issues that I needed to help with, I changed careers, got married, lost a baby, got divorced, lost both my parents after long battles, moved, got remarried, and changed careers again. I was totally mentally, physically, and spiritually drained and started to develop health issues of my own. I began my journey with Miss Raina less than two months ago and learned immediately that she is the real deal. She does not mince words or sugar coat things like a therapist- she is direct and knows what you have gone through. On my first visit she saw something that happened to me as a small child that I had almost forgotten about. Something that subconsciously is still effecting me today. She has taught me that our minds will lie to us but our heart will not. I still have a lot to learn, but believe I am on my way to finding my joy again and have a great guide to teach me how to find my bliss.
Sandra Effertz
I appeared to be a confident, smart and a good business woman with a loving family and long successful career history . In reality, I am a woman with self-esteem issues. I have lived most of my life in the shadow of others and have always felt alone and lonely. I have always been looking for something throughout my life and have looked for answers in many self-help books, different religions, as well as many types of healers and spiritualists. Last year I met Miss Raina at a training event and I physically felt her strength and spiritually immediately. I knew nothing about her or her life, and after that event, I always meant to call her so she could speak to me and my husband without really knowing why I wanted to speak to her. Months went by and I had an assignment for a class I was taking. The assignment was to meet with three of the most influential women mentors I knew and talk about my future goals. I had two in mind and was trying to decide on the third when Miss Raina's name came to mind. I still did not know her. Why did I want her to be my mentor? I found her business card and made an appointment for myself and my husband to talk to her and find out what she had to offer as a mentor. While quiet and unassuming, Miss Raina packs a spiritual punch you better be ready to absorb. It's the power of truth and sincerity. My husband wasn't ready, but I was. I was looking for results and I knew I came to the right place. What I have been looking for all of my life is myself and Miss Raina is guiding my path to help me find -- me. It's about raw honesty, simple truth and working on your deepest core issues. It's about finding emotional alignment. Life is a process and most of us need help to navigate it. If you are honest enough to admit that is what you are looking for, look no further. I recommend Miss Raina to anyone who is looking for emotional guidance with no BS . You will get more than you ever thought was possible.
Anna Valencia
Advisor / Safeguard PII