The Soul Sage & Spirit Guide

Transcendental Development & Growth

Your soul is already guiding you towards spiritual expansion!


The souls journey is one that is on a personal quest for self discovery. Our lights are bright when we come into this world and as our experiences grow we lose sight of what is most important, self. Our lives become conditioned, teaching us destructive patterns & beliefs that slow down our quest for growth.  Self-doubt, despair and uncontrollable emotions rule our lives creating chaos in the form of unhealthy relationships, detachment and broken dreams.

What if we chose to accept better for ourselves?

                          What if our lives were filled with stability, self-love, and universal truth? 

Transcendental Development & Growth ® is individually tailored to your life challenges. You will gain the knowledge of harnessing life’s tough challenges, self-recognition, accountability and the potential of self. This program is designed to challenge the ideas of untruth and restriction and catapult you into a blissful and balanced life. You will walk your path in confidence, strength and self-love inspiring the world around you to move to a higher place. 

My mother was ill with cancer and was soon to pass away. With only a moments notice, Miss Raina dropped everything and came to our aid. She helped my mother pass peacefully and stayed with our family until late hours of the night. I will always be grateful for the gifts that you shared with my mother and our family that night. Thank you Miss Raina for being a light in our world!
Lora Brown
Behavioral Therapist